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Variable Refrigerant Flow

Outdoor Units

Offering both heat pump and heat recovery technology, City Multi VRF Outdoor units can be connected to up to 50 indoor units including floor standing, ducted, ceiling cassettes, ceiling suspended, wall mounted, air curtain, fresh air and water heating types. This makes them suitable for medium to large buildings that demand high performance with optimum efficiency.

Indoor Units

With improved design flexibility as a result of increased external static pressure, the VRF Indoor Unit allows authentic duct air conditioning within the strictest aesthetic confines. Unit options available include ceiling cassette, ceiling ducted, ceiling suspended, wall mounted, floor standing, fresh air intake, and sanitary water heater.

BC Controllers

At the heart of both the R2 and WR2 Series, the BC controller makes simultaneous heating and cooling possible. It has the inherent ‘intelligence’ to be the system’s decision-maker.